Welcome to MSR Presents, a full service independent music promotions company based out of Burlington, VT. Our goal is to provide an affordable and memorable experience for both the musicians on stage as well as the audience members in the seats. Whether you are an established, nationally touring band, or a hungry, up and coming local act, MSR Presents provides bands with the opportunity to showcase their music in packed venues throughout the greater Burlington area. Situated between thriving mega music metropolis' Montreal and Boston, Burlington is a diamond in the rough for bands of all levels.

MSR Presents prides ourselves on the professionalism that goes into each show. We are truly dedicated to every last detail of our shows and do not call it a day until the last case is rolled off the stage and the bus (or a lot of times van) is en route to the next gig. We here at MSR Presents also know the importance of band hospitality. With years of experience in the touring business we know how rough and unrelenting the road can be. Thats why we go above and beyond to ensure that each band and crew member is taken care of to the max. For all of our shows, we provide all members of the touring party with a large home cooked meal. We want our shows to be memorable experiences for all parties involved and that is why we go a little further than the average club owner or promoter to make MSR Presents shows an anticipated stop on the tour.

Hope to see you at the next show!